Be Aware Of Pollen Allergy In Spring Travelling

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Spring is the good season to go out, but some people are afraid of pollen allergy. How much do you know about allergy? Here I will unveil the reason of allergy for all of you.

Allergies are over-defense of the immune system. In fact, any external things can become allergens, including cell phones, drinking water, rubber and bananas. Allergy is a collaborated result of genetic susceptibility factor and external environmental factors.

Body set defense system called immune system, and many immune cells are the message soldiers. When they are aware of allergens from the outside world, they mistake them as imaginary enemies. The immune cells will remember that allergens and stimulate immune cell activation, thus B lymphocytes will release a special antibody called immunoglobulin E to absorb on the mastocytes, which usually locate in the respiratory tract and chamber mucosa.

When the body exposes to the allergen at the second time, the allergen would combine with immunoglobulin E to produce inflammatory mediators. These mediators are mainly histamine and it plays the role on the target organs. The encounter of inflammatory mediators histamine and mucosal will promote the mucosa secret mucus and stimulate the mucosal itching to cause human sneezing; it will make telangiectasia and increase capillary permeability, so that the liquid could be leaking, causing a runny nose, sputum, skin rash and subcutaneous edema; it causes bronchial smooth muscle spasm and trigger asthma and so on. All these are the symptoms of allergy.

Allergic reaction only appears under repeated stimulations. Clinical observation and study found that allergy is not done overnight, and there is a natural progression of allergic disease. The peak age of pollen allergy in concentrated on young adults. Sensitization is a process. If people are allergic to pollen, it also needs at least five pollen allergy season, so few children under age 5 occur pollen allergy. In travel, if people eat the food they seldom eat or contact with things they never touch, they will not have allergic reaction.

All allergenic are all proteins in essence. Because of the similar protein, people will be allergic to several items. For example, people who are allergic to banana have the possibility to be allergic to rubber.
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Be Aware Of Pollen Allergy In Spring Travelling

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This article was published on 2011/04/08