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Have you every been around a cat and started sneezing, eyes started itching or have had nasal congestion. These are some of the symptoms you may experience if you are allergic to a cat. Like most allergies, the condition is usually not life threatening but will cause some degree of discomfort.

Cat allergy in humans is a reaction to one of five allergens. The most common is glycoprotein (Fel d 1) produced by the sebaceous glands and found in the skin and saliva. The sebaceous glands produce oily matter to lubricate the skin and hair of animals. The protein is not known to provide any function but can cause a reaction in humans. It is a sticky substance and will cling to clothing and human hair. The symptoms humans can experience are red, itchy, watery eyes, nasal congestion, itchy nose, sneezing, difficulty breathing, feet swell,chronic sore throat and/or scratchy throat, coughing, wheezing, or itchy skin. The symptoms can be minimized by limited exposure, frequent hand washing, frequent vacuuming of rugs, drapes and upholstery and limiting the animal to certain parts of a house. Use or air filters and bathing and brushing a cat will also reduce the amount of allergens. Although these actions may not be 100% successful, they can make the condition tolerable.

Allergies are cumulative. If a human already suffers from allergies, this condition will only add to his or her misery. Some humans will become immune to the allergy over time. Humans with asthma or eczema need to be very careful if they experience a reaction.

Hay fever medication and over the counter antihistamines have negative effects on the allergy. Allergy shots can provide relief. Some companies have claimed to have produced a hypoallergenic breed to reduce the allergy but the results have been mixed. Breeds such as the Russian Blue and Siberian have been claimed to be naturally hypoallergenic. The LaPerm, Sphynx, Devon Rex and Cornish Rex which have less layers of hair have been known to produce a milder reaction in humans. It has also been found that females shed lower amounts of allergen then males. Neutered males shed lower amounts of allergen than a tom. Short hair is a better alternative than long hair.

Most owners who are susceptible to a the allergy will live with the discomfort and enjoy the pet. The owners will use sprays on the fur and incorporate the actions mentioned above. They will try different over the counter remedies to alleviate the symptoms. Like any allergy, there is no cure but there are many ways to minimize the discomfort before you have to give your pet away.

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Cat Allergy

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