Different Types of Hives

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If you suffer from hives, then you need to know the types of hives that you have as there are different types of hives. This is the only way that you could find the best hives treatment.

First of all, hives also called urticaria which appears as tiny red bumps is a breakout on the skin which looks like an insect bite. Individuals suffering with hives generally feel a burning sensation or stinging and suffer with itchiness which is frequently worst before going to bed.

Different Types of Hives

Acute Hives
The more common forms of hives which can last from six hours up to six weeks are known as acute urticaria. They could be triggered by several factors including:

  • 80% of acute hives on children are due to viral infections. There are in fact several viruses which could lead to hives such as the cold virus.
  • Hives could also be caused due to non steroidal anti inflammatory and antibiotics such as aspirin, naproxen or ibuprofen.
  • Hives could also be caused if you touch particular substances, particularly if you are sensitive to them. The things that lead to hives include raw fruits, vegetables, latex and plants.

Chronic Hives

The hives which develop every day or virtually each day last for over 6 weeks and in some cases years, which is known as chronic urticaria. These types of hives are dangerous as they could appear and then disappear and in the process could ruin your life. They could disturb your daily life such as school, work or sleep.

However, you must remember that they are hardly permanent and rarely ever caused by allergic reactions. Nearly, all individuals could be treated with chronic hives.

Physical Hives 

This condition could be triggered by several physical factors and they are:

  • Pressure, exercise, sweating or changes in body temperature
  • Exposure to cold, sunlight or water though it’s common

Hives could disappear in few days or weeks even if you are unaware of the things which are triggering it. Also, antihistamines could ease the itchiness and it has been proven effective for a lot of people suffering from hives.

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Different Types of Hives

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Different Types of Hives

This article was published on 2011/06/07