Treating Allergic Rhinitis

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One of the most common allergies known to man is allergic rhinitis. It is considered as the inflammation of the nasal passages due to the body's overreaction to irritants. Allergic rhinitis is accompanied by a runny nose, watery eyes, coughing and non-stop sneezing and can greatly affect a person's quality of life. Learn how to treat this annoying condition in simple but effective ways.

Knowing what usually causes an allergy attack is of first important. For allergic rhinitis, the common known triggers are pollen from plants, animal dander, harmful chemical odor and dust mites. These are the possible irritants you can come in contact with before an allergy strikes.

After determining the culprits, keep them away from you as much as possible. Since dusts are very common especially in the household, use wet cloth when cleaning to prevent dusts and tiny particles from flying all over the place. Keep pets and plants outside the house as well since they carry animal dander and pollen respectively.

Your nasal spray is your best weapon against an attack so be sure you have it with you all the time. Your medications prescribed to you by your doctor may not get rid of the allergy but they can sure help you alleviate the symptoms. If you have been advised to take medication for a certain period of time, follow the instructions carefully and don't stop medicating even if you feel better just after a few days.

Visit your EENT specialist regularly and to have your condition kept in check. A good specialist would ask you about certain habits that might be contributing to your allergy and ask you to replace them with appropriate ones. You might be also be given an increase in medication dosage if your former medication is no longer effective.

Since allergic rhinitis is incurable, your only hope is to prevent attacks. You can do it by a changing some of your bad habits such as drinking and smoking. Alcohol and smoke are two other factors that can worsen the condition of your sinuses. Eliminate these habits and live a healthy lifestyle instead.

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Treating Allergic Rhinitis

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This article was published on 2010/11/24